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3.1.6 Building Information Modeling Level 2 (BIM Level 2)
Method for creating, maintaining, and networking a cross-trade (integral) virtual CAD model, starting with the first building sketch ending with the demolition of the building
3.1.7 Building Information Modeling Level 3 (BIM Level 3, iBIM)
fully integrated, collaborative process of modeling a virtual building model in accordance with the lifecycle data maintenance execution, in a common, centralized data model incorporating factual data for further information, described as additional dimensions
3.1.10 CAD model
two- or three-dimensional digital representation of a structure, its components and the infrastructural environment, consisting of graphical and alphanumeric data
3.1.11 CAD drawing
two-dimensional representation of a CAD model intended for printing on paper
3.1.12 Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer assisted drawing of design documents for construction, mechanical, electrical or electronic products using special software

According to the life phases of a building (ÖNORM 6241-2 – 5 life phases of a building)

0. Project initiative
The subdivision of the project phase is carried out in
01. market study,
02. Profitability calculation.

– 1st project initiation
The subdivision of the phase project initiation takes place in
01. project definition,
01. 01 project characteristics,
01. 02. Project basics,
02. Feasibility study,
03. Project description.

– 2. Planning
The subdivision of the phase planning takes place in
01. base BIM,
02. Preliminary draft – coordinated, pre-determined BIM,
03. Draft – coordinated, coordinated BIM,
04. approval planning (submission planning),
05. implementation planning,
06. tender,
1.6. Costing basics
6.2. Scheduling.

– 3. Procurement (time depending on project)
01. Award.

– 4th establishment
The subdivision of the phase establishment takes place in
01. Factory planning and coordinated execution planning,
02. execution,
1.2. Site Prep,
2.2. construction execution,
2.3. commissioning,
03. transfer.

– 5th use
The subdivision of the phase utilization takes place in
01. Operation: Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM),
02. Maintenance.

– 6. End use
The subdivision of the phase end use takes place in
01. transformation,
02. disassembly.


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The structure

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