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The standards for digital modeling will in future be summarized in the own standard group ÖNORM A 6241. ÖNORM A 6241-1 is regarded as the successor document to ÖNORM A 6240-4 and has been extended by execution and detailed planning and has been corrected by blurring. ÖNORM A 6241-2 includes all prerequisites for Level 3 iBIM.
ÖNORM A 6241-1 “Digital Building Documentation – Part 1: CAD Data Structures and Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Level 2”
ÖNORM A 6241-2 “Digital Building Documentation – Part 2: Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Level 3-iBIM”

0. Explanations to the certification scheme
This certification scheme sets out the procedure for certifying the competence of a person as a practice expert for Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Level 2 according to ÖNORM A 6241-1.
The subject of the certification is solely the competence of natural persons.

• Competence profile
Persons who are certified according to this certification scheme are competent in accordance with. ÖNORM A 6241-1 Create and work with cross-trade (integral) CA virtual models. You are competent a CAD data structure gem. To build ÖNOM A 6241-1.
Persons who meet this competence profile must have the competences.

• Requirements for knowledge and skills
Theoretical basics
Certified individuals must have the following knowledge of the basics:
Know the essential normative bases: ÖNORM A 6241-1, ÖNORM A 6241-2, ÖNORM B 1801-1, ÖNORM B 1801-2, ÖNORM B 1801-3, ÖNORM B 1801-4, ÖNORM A 2063
Know the property and building technical terms gem. ÖNORM A 6241-1 (section 3.2)
Know the requirements of the plan structure gem. ÖNORM A 6241-1 (point 4)
know the requirements for a CAD exchange file in connection with ÖNORM A 6241-2
Practical basics
Knowledge and practical application of CAD acc. ÖNORM A 6241-1
Creating a cross-trade CAD model as a BIM model acc. ÖNORM 6241-1

• Continuing education BIM
The practice expert for Building Information Modeling – Level 2 acc. ÖNORM A 6241-1 is obliged to provide regular and relevant training (at least 8 hours per year) to ensure that its qualification complies with the current state of the art.

• Exam
The exam will be conducted by a commission of 2 examiners. The examination consists of the writing of a written project work as well as the oral presentation of this project work
Oral theory exam

• issue of certificates, validity
The successful evaluation of the initial certification examination according to Section 6 is a prerequisite for issuing a certificate. Certificates have a validity of 3 years.
For issuing the certificates, the regulations of the terms and conditions of the certification body apply.

• Conformity marks and certification statements
With the issue of the certificate, the holder has the right to use the conformity mark “Certified by Austrian Standards” according to Figure 1 with regard to the certified competence.
The marking may be used on business cards, sales documents, advertising materials and the like. Ä. be attached. The certificate holder is obliged to use the conformity mark only in connection with the certified competence according to the information on the certificate as well as only in the graphic representation indicated in picture 1.
The certificate holder is obliged to make statements in relation to the certification only in connection with the certified competence according to the information on the certificate.
Competences for which no certificate has been issued by AS + C may neither be marked nor designated in the manner described above or in any other way that causes confusion.

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