ARCHLine.XP – Details

Flexibel and Intuitiv

The accessibility and flexibility of many application processes in ARCHLine.XP are unbeatable – right from the start! Above all, the understandable processing of parameterized components (3D architecture elements) in the “familiar 2D polyline style” should be emphasized and a USP of ARCHLine.XP. Let yourself be inspired, and breathe in your designs the 3D spirit!

Architectur Design

ARCHLine.XP comes with a comprehensive package of architecture tools. You decide when you should support the automatisms, and from which point of construction you also want to get creative! You have a flexible roofing tool with layer model, all roof components such as rafters, purlins and battens available. Even 3D roof tiles, rain gutters and the possibility to equip the cross-section, start and end profile of each component with its own profile (for example various rafter heads) are only a small selection of possibilities.

Interior Design

ARCHLine.XP has complementary interior design tools created with the help of interior designers, which in this way are not combined in any other architectural software on the market. Living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms can be set up and designed in a comparably short time. Yes, it even goes up to the possibility of your own furniture design!


In ARCHLine.XP was not forgotten also on this large field of activity! Scaling / calibrating of images / scans or else the equalization of perspective photos (example facade) can be quickly processed with the proven photogrammetry tool. Floor plans of rooms with transfer into a component model up to the integration of your model into an existing photo are just some of the topics worth mentioning

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