ecoline – building assistent

Here you can use the geometry data for various input devices and for advanced calculation programs.

Experience has shown that in addition to ARCHline’s superior determination of structures and surfaces, a more compact and faster solution for energy consultants is needed. The Building Assistant offers a variety of predefined and parameterized shapes for faster geometry entry. This also includes roof shapes, which can be adjusted by automatic geometrical determinations of the position and the cutting edge. Various combinations of several rooms / volumes allow a comprehensible representation of the building structure as the basis for the final calculation.

You can specify the surface of the finished volume with the respective qualities for the building physics calculations in the usual way. Then openings (windows and doors) are assigned to the individual areas where you can enter percentage quantities or exact dimensions. The building structure can be adjusted at any time! You can also change the geometry in the building assistant at any time afterwards. Then you can do the necessary calculations in Ecotech.



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