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Wimberger Bau GesmH

It has now been a year since we made the move from a CAD program that has been tried and tested in our company for 15 years. After careful consideration and checking the entire CAD software market, the decision was made on ARCHLINE. This decision was supported by the entire planning department, ensuring a smooth transition.

After a short time everyone was quickly integrated and the many advantages of ARCHLINE could be exploited. One year later we are still very satisfied and look forward to another successful cooperation.

Wimberger Bau GesmbH | Mr. Christian Wimberger | A-4291 Lasberg | [email protected]

Construction Company Ivo Tadic

I have been creating my CAD plans for years with Autocad.
In search of a better solution, I got the tip of a good friend in the direction of IT-Concept and ARCHLine.XP.

From my experience, I can now say that the entry into the ARCHLine world as a former Autocad user is easy.
The individual support during the training by the staff of IT-Concept with tips & tricks I can really recommend it! Regarding the training documents, I would like to say that they are great in terms of scope and comprehensibility! I’ve already had to work with scripts from other institutes where much was written, but the usability left something to be desired.

With ARCHLine.XP I have “everything”!
Through the use of qualitative components, the plan with the derived views, cuts etc. adds value to the paper. In the short time was and is never feasible with Autocad.

Of course, ARCHLine.XP is an extensive tool with many possibilities.

That’s why it’s amazing to me how accessible ARCHLine.XP is.

For newcomers and converters of other systems is also the unbeatable value for money of the products and services at IT-Concept a weighty argument.

Actually, there is nothing comparable, because now I’m finally drawing and planning joy again.

I am looking forward to a continued “creative” cooperation with the IT-Concept Software GmbH team!

Construction company Ivo Tadic | Patrizia Tadic | 8992 ALTAUSSEEg

Eberharter und Gruber

Ich bin grundsätzlich sehr zufrieden mit den Produkten von IT-Concept, muss aber sagen das beim Produkt ARCHline mehr 3D-Objekte und realitätsnahe Texturen von Vorteil wären. (Anmerkung: Aussage 2009)

Eberharter & Gruber GmbH | Hr. Werner Brugger | A-6263 FÜGEN | +43 5288 64 147 17 | [email protected]

DI Christine Jausel

I’ve been working with ARCHline since about 2004 and I’m thrilled right from the start. After investing a lot of money in various other 3D programs and never being satisfied, I finally found ARCHline and am looking forward to working with it every day. Super fast training, easy application, great presentation possibilities and tools that offer everything from the design to the work and detail planning, what you need as an architect (in). Also the support is fast and always effective. Here one is not a number, but individually supervised customer. Especially the videos are very helpful and explain many applications quite easily. Greetings from Penzberg and continue to success

Architectural firm Christine Jausel | Mrs. DI (FH) Christine Jausel | D-82377 Penzberg | [email protected]

MR Michael Seubert

I have to write here now how excited I am! The product itself is really great. In addition, the hotline, which in contrast to some other providers is always really easy to reach and always finds a solution. A dream. Every time I am confirmed that the conversion to Archline was right. It’s nice to work with this partner. Michael Seubert Seubert Architectural Services – Bad Kissingen

Seubert Architectural Services | Mr. Michael Seubert | D-97688 Bad Kissingen | [email protected]

Ernst Pallier-Rosenberger

Since joining in 2004, I’m glad that I chose ARCHline and made the program change from AutoCAD / ADT.

Already from the 3rd project an increase of my working speed was noticeable! On average, the speed increase is between 30 and 40 percent after a very short time.

The comfortable data entry takes place exclusively in the floor plan. It can be used to comfortably generate sections, views and perspectives, visualizations and quantities.

I would like to mention the features for the inventory in ARCHline, the result of which is an optimal and accurate working basis.

The product support and the easily accessible user hotline are very competent and work quickly and flawlessly! All upgrades were and are steps in the right direction and are based on the user and his requirements.

Mr. Ernst Pallier-Rosenberger | A-8322 Studenzen

PSB Planung Statik Bauleitungs GmbH

We are enthusiastic newcomers to AutoCAD Architectural Desktop.
We’ve been changing from AutoCAD to ARCHline for several years now and are still as confident today as we were that this was the way to go.

PSB GmbH | Mr. Bmst. Markus Schnabl | A-3332 ROSENAU | [email protected]

Architecture Schwarz

We have been able to use ARCHline purposefully for many years for our wide range of planning services, from sophisticated competition visualization through spatial planning, residential building systems to detailed planning of often very extreme construction sites (Bergbahnhof Hochschneeberg Lower Austria).

Our first projects were created in 2000 with the support of IT-Concept and put into action. Parallel to the further development of Archline, the complexity of our requirements for a consensus-oriented and efficient construction software has increased. We deliberately cover all design ideas, quantity determinations for tenders, official submissions, basics for building physical evaluations with ARCHline and since pictures speak more than 1000 words, we would like to show some of our work. In the visualizations, all primitives were constructed with ARCHline and further refined with external rendering programs. The salt in the soup is anyway ARCHline – the room ideas and building objects are conjured up in record time and time is well-known money, and that can be earned thereby quite well.

Team Plan Architects

For about 4 ½ years (note: currently over 10 years) we now work with “ARCHline” and would like to praise you for the consistent and innovative development of the program and the implementation of suggestions and wishes of your customers.

In retrospect, the decision to go with your product was the right one and has given our office significant competitive advantages with other architectural firms. Previously we worked with a program for the 2-D drawings (caddy), then had to re-enter the data in a 3-D program (Arcon) and manually enter the masses in a third program for the tender of craftsmen services. This was very time consuming and costly.

Today – with “ARCHline” in combination with the program “Allbudget” of the company BIB, which integrates seamlessly into ARCHline – we do the work in about 45 – 50% of the time, which we had to spend before. Meaningful 3-D representations are also given almost automatically.

For example, in the last 2 months we have designed and calculated a 4-star plus hotel with underground parking, gastronomy and wellness area with an expenditure of approx. 350 hours. This project includes a restaurant with conservatory, a rooftop cafe, 154 rooms and suites, approximately 48’300 cbm enclosed space, usable space of approximately 13,400 square meters and costs of 24.7 million euros.

Until the finished building application, we still expect a cost of about 150 hours. When this is finished, we have all the tendering data for further processing up to item level.

If a building application has been consistently created with “ARCHline” and “Allbudget”, the structure of the programs also completes approx. 70% of the detailed design and approx. 85-90% of the tender of the trades. Changes to the project can also be quickly implemented graphically and recalculated. The access to older project data with the comparison to the current project status, which is possible by ARCHline, represents an optimal documentation of the project progress.

In particular, we hope that the integration of external documents on Word / Excel basis, which is realized in the new version “ARCHline 2008”, will increase the transparency of the project / change documentation. We were able to reduce the processing costs of the projects by approx. 55% compared to earlier by using your program “ARCHline” in connection with the program “Allbudget” of the company BIB. Also, we get a very high cost certainty at a very early stage (draft drawn with ARCHline + Allbudget) today
is an absolute prerequisite for the realization of larger projects.

Team Plan architects | Mr. DI Wolfgang Heim | D-88074 MECKENBEUREN | +49 754 294 51 11 | [email protected]

K. und J. Weixelbaumer Baumeisterbetriebs GmbH

I started my Cad-entry with Nemetschek and worked with it for about 10 years. When I changed my company to Weixelbaumer, I was free to decide which software I would like to work with. After watching several programs, I decided to go with ARCHline and stayed with it for many good reasons. I have been working with ARCHline for 9 years and I am very satisfied. The program is easy to use and results are very efficient. The new rendering engine in ARCHline.XP 2009 (Note: expanded 2014) brought massive changes. After a successful workshop at ITC and initial projects, I can say that the quality has been significantly improved without spending much more time than before. Another very important point is the personal support in Perg and the hotline. With other offerers one is only a multi-digit number. IT-Concept is a very competent team that finds answers to all problems. I also think it’s important to know the people in person with whom you have regular contact. Finally, I can only recommend ARCHline!

K. and J. Weixelbaumer Baumeisterbetriebs GmbH | Mr. Ing. Uwe Engelbogen | A-4600 Catfish | +43 7242 47 11 10 | [email protected]

Ing. Johann Pokorny GmbH

We opted for ARCHline about eleven years ago,
that’s to say – we are very satisfied!

The program: user-friendly,
logical and clear structure,
largely self-explanatory,
and if you can
seemingly impossible to brew together,
is the hotline to choose, always purposeful.

You do not have to wait long
will be friendly, professionally competent,
so is usually resolved quickly, which just went awry,
the methods used – quite creative.

It should also be mentioned, ARCHline keeps up with the times –
As soon as a summer approaches, the latest update is already available.
So we whistle on all the tempting competition offers,
continue on ARCHline –
the innovative program with a personal touch.

Ing. Johann Pokorny GmbH | Martina Pokorny | A-1210 Vienna |


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