Construction coordinator – details

both products are due to their ease of use (no training required) also suitable for those who are not exclusively concerned with the SiGe and construction time planning.

Intuitive use

The construction coordinator can be easily used with Windows usual commands. Complicated sub-menus, cryptic commands and a pompous interface are things of the past. Undo and restore your changes possible. In addition, every change is recorded in the log window.


A big plus is the hierarchy with which the entire SiGe planning becomes clear and manageable: the danger is defined once and not per necessary trade. The measures and locations are assigned to each hazard. The number of sublevels can be chosen freely. The clear tree structure never lets you lose track and keeps your eyes open for the essentials. Positions can be moved freely within your logical structure. An annoying (Um) numbering is eliminated.

interface and customization

Adjust the appearance and content of the bar chart or the entire surface to your needs. Optical help (such as the display of the current week, highlighting the highlighted bar, bar label) make it possible to keep a cool head even for large projects.


In addition to the automatic linking of subitems, you can create any links within your project. Select whether the link should be made over the start, duration or end of the positions. Links are also possible across major positions e.g. to combine a measure of the SiGe plan with a trade in the construction timetable.


No troublesome setup of the printer (s) necessary. Select document, select printer, set content and appearance (for example, borders for title block and subsequent pages different, contents of the title block, etc.). Finished. Automatically scale content so it remains readable. Check the printout in advance with the print preview. The following documents can be output: Advance notice, Site plan, SiGe plan, Later work, Construction schedule, Checklists and External documents.


Define Builder, Planning and Site Coordinator, Project Manager and Delegate (Sub) Company. As soon as you create a new contact, it is automatically saved and is now also available in other projects. The companies and persons involved in the project can be automatically assigned to the documents, e.g. Advance notice, cover sheet header etc.

start of building

Often the difference between the SiGe plans is in detail or just different time sequences. For this reason, you can always build on existing (similar) projects and change the start of construction. Without the connections being lost.


Forget about the times when you had to deal with the creation of logs before the construction site visit. Our ITC Construction Coordinator makes it possible to print automatically generated checklists in a compact form. Check it out!

Construction coordinator

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